Reporting and technical writing. Tuesday - Sep 21, 2021

I Investigated a Parking Lot

A parking lot is at the center of policy drama that reaches officials at the state level.

Only in New York. A hotly disputed property controversy has caused connected parties to turn hush hush and hard to find. This is the most bizarre story I’ve ever done and it was actually difficult to do, but after enough people were blamed, doors were shut, calls were dropped and emails unanswered, and deadlines extended — I finally got answers.

The easiest part was taking the picture (my second photog credit with City Limits). Pictured is the parking lot next to the Cooper Houses project buildings in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A new zoning border runs right through it, officially separating it from the project’s residents.

Read “Many Are Responsible for Housing Project’s Stall” on City Limits Brooklyn Bureau.