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My Free FEMA Gas story on City Limits

On Sat., Nov. 3, 2012, New Yorkers flocked to get free gas provided by FEMA personnel, days after Superstorm Sandy.

I saw huge fuel trucks, protected by Army guards and police officers, roll through my Crown Heights neighborhood so I captured the story. I give credit to my wife who is usually an entertainment journalist but always a true reporter so she was actually on the ball faster than me. We dashed home to grab our cameras, pads and recorders, in time to record plenty of material.

singleton_FEMA_photoView photos here
Gallery of images taken at the scene.

If I could do it all over again I would record more of the smiling faces and celebration dances to help depict more of the positive atmosphere at the scene. Of course there was confusion, frustration, raised voices and a scrum or two, but personally, I applaud the citizens for being orderly and self-organizing in ways that helped the cops and soldiers who were also doing a fairly good job considering the unprecedented circumstances. The story, Confused and Frustrated in Line for ‘Obama Gas’ is up on City Limits.

I also plotted on a quick map all the NYC locations where FEMA set up free fuel stations:

View Free FEMA Gas NYC in a larger map