Reporting and technical writing. Tuesday - Sep 21, 2021

A Married Couple on the Freedom Rides

I used footage that a Los Angeles TV station unearthed of Freedom Riders, and edited it together with newer video material.

I edited this video because these are my parents! It features Robert and Helen Singleton, both in recent coverage and also very rare historical footage of “nonviolence training” that civil rights activists underwent before engaging in actual protests. The Singletons present this video along with other media at their speaking engagements where they tell audiences their story. I edited down hours of film of my folks to produce a 15 minute presentation for their talks and panels.

I fully credit the sources: C-SPAN2 BookTV’s coverage of the Harlem Book Fair, 2008; MAD MEN Season 2 DVD featurette, 2008; KTLA-TV City At Night’s 1961 archived footage of nonviolence training.