Reporting and technical writing. Saturday - Oct 16, 2021’s History of Robots in Hollywood

A look back at the many robots that have starred in some of Hollywood’s most memorable sic-fi films. loves doing top ten lists, and as the Transformers movie hits theaters, Steve Snyder and I came up with a fun idea to look back at the most unforgettable robots ever created for the big screen. We researched the topic to develop the list and also drew from the films that we were each familiar with. Molly Stephey also worked with us to produce this clickthru, 80 Years of Robots in Hollywood.

The Psycho: HAL9000
2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968

The Mole: Ash
Alien, 1979

The Romantic Interest: Rachel
Blade Runner, 1982

Can They Be Trusted: Sonny
I, Robot, 2004